The Bale-Hunt


- got to the island
- stay or go debate – stay for now
- check out temple district – norgorber (sp) megachurch located
- looking for Band of Blades

temple district:
- guards have different uniforms than dockside
- lots of symbols and glyphs carved into shops – religious and otherwise (god symbols)
- pay kid for no good info
- visit caeden’s house
- prophet for wolf mother was here, went to dock area and puddles – week or two ago

Merc search:
- found a guide – escort and defend
- taken to the trade district
- found Band of Blades, LLC
- pissed off Band of Blades, LLC
- successful bribe for entry
- meet with lady erideth, not pleased at contact
- agreed to look into the prophecy

Resource gathering:
- headed to Norg’s temple
- ID’d by locals
- chat with priest, told to enroll in Iorium tournament ‘next week’
- search for nefarious types
- stalking woo girls
- lost woo girls
- hiding woo girls?
- secret passage located
- evil woo girls detected
- torture room funtime
- more following woo girls
- hanging out with woo girls in weird underground tavern, possibly in danger, possibly fine
- bonus secret Norg temple found via woo transport
- boring church service turned recruitment drive
- conversion got
- promotion to holy figure!
- need to win tournament, need a sponsor
- wolf mother presence confirmed

- talk to first mate about contact for sponsership, directed to Eldock, dwarf in the coins
- letter of introduction got



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