The Bale-Hunt

Season One Summary

The Adventure Begins

Having lived in Leaton their entire lives, the young Ella Vasol, Bartholomäus Joesph, Versera To’Mosken, and Seryth Resboron found themselves on coal-burning duty on an early fall evening. After the four fell asleep to let the fire burn itself out for the night, they awoke to a startling sight: fire elemental Paracus warning the four of impending danger and the Leidrgarmr prophecy in which they will play a part.

After heading back to Leaton, the party found their hamlet under attack by a pack of werewolves. Their defenders, Lorund and Badgerface, had already been killed and their only option was to flee. Unfortunately for them, they were caught by Holmsteinn Adelista and Rikitsa Kasanen of Wolfsbane.

The Wolfsbane hunters took the imprisoned party members through Sarver on their way to Maheto. But the werewolves had another idea – they ambushed and killed the Wolfsbane hunters and set the party free. On the run for their lives, they ended up in Medbridge. There they found themselves in a war between Merys Almer and Linet Bardolf. While Bartholomäus Joesph had dealings with the Content Not Found: skinsaw-cleric, the other party members assisted the monks of Shelyn tend to the people of Medbridge. After the battle that resulted in the defeat of the North Karam Bandits, the party fled further east.

The next town they encountered was Tooktem, and the party tried to catch their breath. After Bartholomäus Joesph slept with Dimi Harkak and Seryth Resboron took work from dwarven stonecutter Halar Ardar, the party found itself a target of enforcer Groian Fimhig. The party fled, along with Halar Ardar and his husband Frolh Ardar. They ended up at the prophet Blise Lindollvar’s shack and found themselves once again on the run from werewolves.

Halar, Frolh, and Blise sacrificed themselves to hold off the werewolves while the party fled through a cave network; there, they found Dakauz and the Blood Painters clan of orcs. Under the protection of Grotog and Grandmother Faegnis, the party caught their breath before moving on. After the two clan leaders told the party they needed to reconnect with the Blood Painters at some time in the future and Bartholomäus Joesph bonded with Vergu Joesph and Waa Joesph, the group left for the nearby human town of Stratwing.

On the way, the heroes were convinced to join the service of Belid Inerad in investing the goings-on in Stratwing. They investigated Count Tasmos Rorodche and alchemist/counterfeiter Eritlai Duraes, resulting in more local strife. Eritlai ended up fleeing, and Count Rorodche sent the party to investigate why the village of Redmeadow had not been paying its taxes.

Moving south to Redmeadow, they discovered the elf summoner Sierye Haladar, who told the party that she and the people of Redmeadow had been infected with the Green Mold. When Count Rorodche’s troops arrived to burn the town and kill the infected, Sierye killed them and then died of her infection.

The party decided to once again flee. One night several days later, while camping alongside the road, the campsite collapsed and the party found itself in the Ruins of Darniaq. The party defeated the local Bonerot goblins (including wizard Xrozad Bonerot) and freed Ortin Bolerand from captivity, but lost both Waa and Vergu in the process. The party re-investigated the ruins the next day, and discovered the Chamber of Ascension. There, they acquired their mythic paths.

But on leaving, the four party members were ambushed and taken captive by a separate party, comprised of a monk, cavalier, magus, and inquisitor. After a successful escape attempt a few days later down the road, the party escaped and made their way to Wildhurst. Being well-armed, Baron Content Not Found: johann-wildhurst, took notice and summoned the party to aid him in uncovering some secrets of his past. The party ended up fighting more goblins in a burned-out bunker and came out more well-armed for their effort (including having an out-of-body experience wherein they learned their classes). Baron Wildhurst decided to support the party, and had them swear to his service since Belid Inerad was dead.



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