The Bale-Hunt

Season Two Ep 1

- checked loot, featuring mystery yellow potion
- after much discussion it was decided to travel by boat still to absolom to learn about prophecies
- Ella had bad dreams
- Barth had crazy people wandering in a 9 point star design; he bled one and got the hell out
- boat letter and invite got
- 3 go back to travis inn, find place abandoned aside from people still pacing the pattern and one guy dead on the floor in a pool of blood
-mystery potion is some sort of slow poison?
- got on boat, cramped quarters and puke buckets provided by first mate half elf
- supposed to dine with captain. still gruel?
- john taken away in the night by weird people that cast strange chaotic enchantment on him after stealing his pants, gets more natural armor, tattoos and a head tentacle – weak to cold



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