House Rules


Character classes no longer have alignment restrictions. For classes which have alignment-derived abilities (e.g., Paladin), their abilities change to the equivalent of one of their non-neutral aligned axes. If they are true neutral, they default to their class’ default ability.

Some actions which are traditionally considered good, evil, lawful, or chaotic will also be considered more carefully. The guide for alignment standards in the main book will always be the primary guide for how alignments should be interpreted.

Armor as Damage Reduction

The rules for armor as damage reduction published in Ultimate Combat will be used.

Cantrips & Orisons

If a character should receive bonus first-level spells for any reason, they also gain that many bonus zero-level spells.

Character Advancement

When a character gains an ability score point through levelling up, they may not use that point to increase an Ability Score higher than their Racial Maxima (18 for Humans in all 6 Ability Scores).

Critical Threat is Auto-hit

Any attack roll within the critical threat range is considered an auto-hit.

Experience & Levelling

Experience will not be awarded; rather, levels will be granted at appropriate points in the story.

Hit Dice

All hit dice are automatically assigned their maximum value.

Knowledge Skills

Except in the case of critical successes, the result of most Knowledge skill checks will result in being forwarded to an appropriate sage for the actual answers to the issue at hand. Adventurers rarely have the education and ability to retain vast libraries of knowledge.

Languages & Literacy

All characters are assumed to be illiterate by default. A character must learn literacy expenditure of a starting language slot or Linguistics skill points. To differentiate, each language should be classified as either Language: (name) or Literacy: (name). It is not a prerequisite to know a language before becoming literate in it.


Currency in most fantasy games is completely interchangeable from one nation to the next, or even from one era or another. While simple and functional for most uses, this campaign will change how currency is handled slightly. Historically, currency functioned because the authorities who issued it had the military authority to make it so. Outside of that military authority, the usefulness of such currency was shaky at best – and frequently illegal, as local authorities would not want their economies affected by outside monies.

Cheliaxan coins would not be well-looked upon in many parts of the world. Likewise, Thassilonian gold would be of worth only to numismatics, antiquarians, and those interested in buying the gold for its base value.

Wounds and Vigor

The rules published in Ultimate Combat are used in this game, with the caveat that all healing is first done to Wounds, then Vigor.

House Rules

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