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There are many different ways of running tabletop RPGs. Some are beer-and-pretzel romps; some are dark and brooding stories of personal horror; others are dramatic space operas. The Bale-Hunt is its own story, inspired and directed by many influences. Classics like Die Nibelungenlied, modern fiction like A Game of Thrones, and films such as Black Death form the basis of the style of this game.

The campaign will not focus on the accumulation of personal power via levels, treasure, nor amassing great wealth – though indeed, these things may happen. Rather, the campaign will focus on the heroic tale of the protagonists’ lives. Characters will develop, locations will come alive, and destinies will unfold.

While fantastic elements of course have a role to play in stories that take place in Golarion, the primary emphasis will be portraying a world in a realistic manner; that is, non-player characters will have motivations and goals of their own and events will unfold despite (or because of) the players’ actions.

In this Golarion, adventurers are rare. The vast majority of people would never consider facing the dangers that such heroes do, despite any potential rewards. Similarly, adventurers are mistrusted. What trouble they don’t cause on their own tends to follow in their wake. Societies depend on stability in order to function and thrive; adventurers disrupt that stability, and everybody knows it.

Similarly, magic is a rare commodity. Very few people possess the depth of faith required to be graced with the power of divine magic. Arcane magic is also very hard to master, and those few who do frequently find themselves the target of powers-that-be who seek to command such abilities.

Style Guide

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