The Bale-Hunt


- travis wears bad idea jeans and taunts murder skeletons, poorly
- found lady iditarod’s family tomb
- found the skeleton camping in the tomb, battle ensued
- got a scroll of mystery
- drunken bff baron wildhurst set up a ship for us and swanky crests
- constant abuse of prisoner

(Sun Quest info from historian)
- gates in center of old elven empire of kyonin
- elves retook kyonin, in the north past the forest
- Iadara is likely location
Wine from smugglers is quest item! – brought in from kyonin

- Luthas located in his rich mans home
- travis taken in at swordpoint since luthas is an asshole
- justicar after us still (?)
- luthas is not cool, travis held hostage



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