Bartholomäus Joesph

The definitive awesome


Lawful good and a dick about it, at least when others are looking. If he knows he can get away with it, he is greedy and more than willing to lie to get what he needs/wants if he is sure he will not be caught. He is also known to be condescending, even though he doesn’t necessarily know what that means.
Loves the ladies, makes sure that everyone knows it, such to a point that it makes everyone uncomfortable. He is always sure to maintain his appearance, combed hair, clean skin and clothes, shaven (it comes in patches), and physically fit.

Height 5’11"
Weight 170lb



An only child due to a farming accident that took away his fathers reproductive abilities. Bartholomäus Joesph, “BaaJ” (pronounced: badge) as his friends and family calls him, was always dotted upon by his parents who did everything in their power, limited as it was, to make him comfortable and happy.

Bartholomäus Joesph

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