Fettin Decht

Count of Sarver


Fettin Decht, the Count of Sarver, rules over a small domain in between the World’s Edge Mountains and the Verduran Forest. He has ruled for a decade, taking over from an incompetent predecessor who could do nothing about the bandits running rampant in the lands. Since then, he has reigned them in by demanding tribute and crushing those groups who opposed him.

He manages a tenuous peace in a rough land, and it shows. He is starting to gray early, and his stress comes through on his face. He does manage to be social with the people of Sarver and Leaton, and is generally well-liked by those not affected by bandits. He is aware that there are Sarenrae worshippers in his domain, and uses agents to cover up the church when Taldoran Archons come through his domain.

     Shield of House Decht

Fettin Decht

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