Party Loot

This page will keep track of communal items as well as the distribution of said items to help prevent the unfortunate accidents that happen when people start hoarding.

Communal Monies:
CP: 15
SP: 61
GP: 15
PP: 25

Shared Items:
7 days trail rations
3x Waterskins (Water)
case of smuggled wine, solin
cask of wine – Luthis “table” wine
50/50 Charges- Blessed Baton of Lawful Restoration.
Wand of Cure Light Wounds 1d8 +2

Mystery potions
1 dark green potion – Potion of Mending
Potion of Lessor Restoration

Distributed Items:
Bartholomäus Joesph (Travis)
Leather Armor
Silver Dagger

Ella “The Donkey Rider” Vasol (Heather)
Traveling Spell Book
Copper Holy Symbol — Inquisitor

Seryth Resboron (John)
Stone Knuckles
Silver Dagger

Versera To’Mosken (Becca)
short sword
Leather Armor

Party Loot

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