Leaton is a small hamlet on the outskirts of Sarver, a fiefdom in the domain of Maheto. It can be found halfway between the Verduran Forest and the World’s Edge Mountains. With a population of roughly a hundred, Leaton was settled primarily for the purpose of making use of extensive wild bilberry fields.

Architecture in Leaton is made from a mixture of the large stone and natural wood found in the area. There are a few halls that house the families of the hamlet, as well as a communal food storage/cooking/dining hall. The only other constructed feature in Layton is a small shrine to Sarenrae.

The history of Leaton is rather tame. In the last decade or so, Orcs from the north have threatened the Sarver area twice; the residents Leaton were evacuated to Sarver, and kept safe in the town’s walls. Though the orcs never got past Maheto’s armies to reach Sarver, they were events spoken of for years afterwards. The only other event of note was a visit by a party of adventurers three years previous who had come to consult Lorund.

Recently Leaton was destroyed by werewolves and there are only currently 4 known survivors… Our Heros


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